St. Joseph's Hospital honored employees at their 2012 annual recognition dinner.  Honored for 35 Years of Service were Cheryl Anderegg, Debra Perry and Rosemary Simons;  30 Years of Service:  Joetta Burroughs, Arnetta Conrad, Nancy Gibson, Christine McKisic and Kelly Sturm; 25 Years of Service:  Rita Barnett, Brenda Louk, David Maxwell, Debra Orsburn, Mary Ann Stankus and Chet Wamsley  20 Years of Service:  Cynthia Gay, Patricia Ketchem, Connie Kincaid, Donnie Kincaid, Pamela Moats and Kevin Stingo;  15 Years of Service:  Shelley Butler, Debra Dean, Carol Heatherly, Renee Hofer, Bradley Ling, Peggy Mackey, Gerard O’Loughlin and Brian Williams;  10 Years of Service:  DarleneBender, Kimberly Brady, Nancy Hart, Anissa Hite-Davis, Melinda Smith and Pearl Sothen’  5 Years of Service:  Gary Booth, Stacie Davis, Jennifer Grubb, H. George Hebard, III, MD; Patsy Hite, Cristy Hurst, Patricia Lake, Vanessa Lloyd, Rita Lowther, Ronald McCauley, Liza Nestor, Karen Persinger, Traci Stewart and Mary Ware.

            Sue Johnson-Phillippe, President and CEO, also presented the annual award for the Valued Inspired Person (VIP) of the Year.   Receiving the award was Eric Rice, RN, CIS Coordinator for Information Systems and Amber Rolenson, RN, Clinical Coordinator of Obstetrical Services.  St. Joseph's Hospital presents its VIP Award to employees who live and demonstrate the Christ values of the hospital:  Compassion, Hospitality, Reverence, Interdependence, Stewardship, and Trust.