St. Joseph's Hospital honored employees at their 2011 annual recognition dinner.  Honored for 35 Years of Service was Caroline Long;  30 Years of Service:  Catherine Hoover and Ovella Godfrey;  25 Years of Service:  Okey Silman, Gay Snyder, Gayle Rowan and Kim Radcliff;  20 Years of Service:  Kathy Eskew, Jo Nicholson, Julie Dean, TJ Ware and Mike Walton;  15 Years of Service:  Brenda Currence, Nancy Phipps, Mary Marks, Duane Sikarskie, Toni Snyder and Mary Tenney;  10 Years of Service:  Lori Stell, Veronica Crites, Eric Strother, Larry Bradberry, Jerry Fletcher, Ann Fidler and Jean White;  5 Years of Service:  Janet Phillips, Kelley Jones, Kessa Thorpe, Sue Morrison, Shasta Kelley, Trena Bonnett, Kelley Day, Tisha Johnson, Bonnie Spencer, Juanita Harris, Sally Bennett, Bennie Bender, Jo Cottrill, Susan Davis, Angie Howard, Lisa Davis, Eric Rice, Ed Robinson, Angela Surface, Anissa Fetty-Silman, Erin Simmons, and Shannon Hamrick.

            Also honored was the Valued Inspired Persons (VIP) of the Year.   Receiving this award was Pat Ketchem, RN.  Pat is a nurse in the OB department of the hospital.  “Pat makes sure that each of our patients and their families have the best birthing experience at our hospital” said Susan Davis, RN.  “She is kind and welcoming to our patients and makes each one of them feel as if they are the only one in the entire hospital.  She has a positive can-do attitude and always has a smile.  Pat exemplifies our values and inspires us not only to become a better nurse, but a better person.”

            St. Joseph's Hospital presents its VIP Award to employees who live and demonstrate the Christ values of the hospital:  Compassion, Hospitality, Reverence, Interdependence, Stewardship, and Trust.