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It’s a New Day

Transforming patient care through innovation and technology

It's a New Day is a special initiative that is focused on raising funds for Electronic Health Records at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Electronic Health Records (EHR) will radically transform patient care. This innovative technology is designed to improve the overall quality of health care, increase clinical workflow efficiency, decrease costs, and most importantly reduce medical errors.

The EHR provides comprehensive patient health information that is immediately accessible to any medical staff. Health care providers will have the ability to share patient information among professionals, document interaction with patients, view patient health history, make referrals, order laboratory tests/view results, and send electronic prescription requests (eliminating hard to read handwritten prescriptions).

Patients will have the opportunity to access key components of their medical records, view radiological images and lab results, and communicate quickly with their physicians. This will contribute to enhancing a positive patient experience, giving comfort and security in the knowledge that all health information is accurately housed in a single location readily accessible to all necessary medical professionals.

The foundation gratefully accepts gifts from anyone interested in contributing to this very important effort. For all donors who contribute at the following levels, a specially designed recognition piece will be displayed with the donor’s name on our “Wall of Recognition” outside the Second Floor waiting area.

  • Founder - $10,000
  • Benefactor - $5,000
  • Guardian - $2,500
  • Partner - $1,000
  • Friend - $500
  • Patron - $250

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

According to the 2006 West Virginia Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Report:

  • West Virginia ranked higher than any other state in 2006 in the prevalence of heart attack among adults. More than seven percent (7.5%) of the state's adults had a history of heart attack, compared with a national average of 4.4%.
  • In the prevalence of stroke among adults, West Virginia ranked 2nd highest nationally in 2006. Four percent (4.2%) of the state's adults had had a stroke, compared with a national average of 2.7%.

As a leader in healthcare for our area, it becomes increasingly important that St. Joseph's Hospital provide our community with quality cardiac rehabilitation programs. Due to limited equipment and staff, St. Joseph's Hospital rehabilitation unit is open only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. – for a total of twelve hours per week. The current schedule does not allow most working patients to utilize the program. St. Joseph's Hospital would like to expand their existing cardiac rehabilitation program to include adequate equipment and staffing to extend the hours of operation to 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, thus allowing us to better accommodate the large number of residents in need of such services.

Individuals and corporations interested in contributing to these programs may contact Patricia Lake, Foundation Director, at (304) 473-6819 or